Roquois-Fun-SquareI am a Singer, a Songwriter and a Superhero, yep that’s me. I’ve been singing since I was 4, church choirs, school choirs, bus rides, that annoying girl in your class that is always singing about something… I love it. I’ve been told no so many times I can’t even remember, I’ve been told to change my name because no one can pronounce it, I’ve been told my skin isn’t light enough for pop music, I’m not sexy enough, and I’m too nice… Yeah, and that hasn’t stopped me. Here are some cool things you should know about me:

– I write and sing pop music with influences from hip hop, rock, doo wop and R&B.

– I write most of my music while I’m recording it. I also write music while I drive.

– I love volunteering for various charitable events/causes… no not because its something to make me look better, but because I enjoy it! I have donated most of the last 5 years of my life to various charity oriented events and causes. You can learn a little bit more about that here.

– I consider myself a superhero not because of my charity affiliations, but because I feel my music can speak to people and what they are going through. I can be that voice that sings about every feeling bad or good you have at the time. I can be that voice you listen to that saves you from making mistakes by explaining the cause and effects of things through my music. I can be that singer you turn to when you are feeling your lowest and help you get back up on your feet. I can even be that singer you listen to who has gone through a similar problem and my anger, my story can help you cope with yours. I can relate to you, in good times and bad. My cape is my voice it gives my flight, my superpowers are my lyrics… yes my power is infinite 😉

– I love to experiment with fashion, I’ve met an amazing fashion designer named Cheero Citizen who makes the coolest performance wear for me, we’re always coming up with new ideas. Many are superhero themed… I can’t help it, I love heroism.

– I love anime… if you do too, I consider us friends 🙂

– I love food, if you ever want to meet for lunch, I’m in – your treat though.

– I plan to perform everywhere I can and have my music everywhere!