BlerdCon 2017

Blerd [a black nerd or nerd of color] Con- [short for convention]…. what else could I ask for? It was a hotel full of colorful cosplayers removing the “black” from in front of their characters (if they were cosplaying someone who wasn’t a CoC – character of color)… so instead of black goku or black sailor moon you just have goku and sailor moon! Social media has made it so much easier for those who may not agree with cross race cosplaying to bash and hate others who choose to cosplay outside of their race, lets not confuse this with blackface or the like, and it goes both ways as well, however the hate is real. It was so refreshing to see a group of blerds come together and create a con celebrating every color and creating a safe space for fans to just cosplay with no “color” attached to it. I saw moana not black moana, captain america not middle eastern captain america, negan, not mexican negan etc.

The joy was overwhelming! I know BlerdCon will keep getting bigger and bigger and gain more support in the coming years. Im glad to have been able to support this group of people  and Im looking forward to seeing how they grow… I was only able to go 2 days and cosplayed as Storm and Nel again since I didn’t have time to revamp a few of my other cosplays but I saw some familiar friendly faces and took 1 million more photos lol.

Singers can be nerds too and I am proud to be both although I prefer the term “geek chic” 😘

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