Why this thing called Music?

I can only express my feelings simply, through music. Sure I can talk to my friends for hours over wine and dessert, but not everything discussed amongst friends would I share with the world lol. Music allows me to share my thoughts, my feelings, indiscretions and wins with the world in under 4 minutes. Singing is my therapy and I feel I can be therapeutic for others.

I’ve always had a love for music like so many others. I would write and sing songs on the school bus since 2nd grade. I can honestly say I sing every single day. Its one of things that just becomes part of you to the point where you feel you must take things to the next level and keep going until you’ve reached the point to where your passion can really reach others in a positive way. Music did that for me, it’s helped me through the worst times and enhanced my best times. I want to help someone through a breakup or be the voice that you hear while you’re celebrating.

I want to throw a party and invite the entire world! … its an open invitation so bring a friend 🙂

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